Monday, May 30, 2011

Convertors Super Defender X

X 8

Here we have another Super Defender, X. I'm currently kicking myself because I broke my D. A. Tona, then sold it for $10 (they go for nearly $100 on ebay. -_- )

X's bio reads:

Still in the experimental stages. Is not only tougher but potentially faster than the rest of the Defenders. The Maladroids are truly concerned over the development of X.

X 7

Like the other Super Defenders, X shares traces his lineage from the anime "Super High-Speed Galvion" and from the defunct toy company, Takatoku. At present, I cannot find the mecha in the show from which X originates, so if anyone has any information, please let me know.

X 7

X's robot mode is around the same height as other Convertors, but he is much thicker & more squat. The unavoidable half-bent stance of the arms doesn't help things. The chrome spoiler mounted atop the body is actually rather nice, though. However, all this aside, the thing that really cripples the robot mode is the weak joints in the legs. As part of the transformation, the diecast calf part of the leg extends from the thigh. Being that this is a near-30-year-old toy, these joints have worn, making the figure VERY difficult to stand without the legs collapsing. Very annoying.

X 5

Transforming the figure begins with folding the forearms up, lifting the canopy/cockpit of the vehicle up from the chest & folding the head into it (doing this exposes some nicely molded chrome engine bits), then flipping the spoiler up, collapsing the legs, and folding the feet down.

X 3

The end result resembles what one might call the 80's equivalent to a "Cybertronian" alt mode, and in this case, that's NOT a good thing. It basically looks like a folded-up robot. Retaining all the chunkiness of the robot mode, it doesn't look particularly fast, either.

X 2

Perhaps the worst thing about the vehicle mode, however, is the fact that it is completely without any rigidity. The legs and arms are constantly flopping out of place & the ugly vehicle is hardly worth the trouble of fixing them.

X 1

I suppose if chunky, futuristic racecars are your thing, then you may not mind this figure's flaws. However, if you really want to track one of these down, try to get one in mint condition. I payed about $5 for this example, and it's in relatively okay shape. However, the loose joints completely cripple the vehicle mode & the robot mode is a squat, ugly thing.

X 4

Were it not for the loose joints, I'd actually probably like this figure. In light of this, I'll give this figure a (generous) potential score of 2.5-3 out of 5. For my example, however, I wouldn't give it a point over 1 out of 5, and it hardly deserves that.

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